black Airpods Pro USED

Black Airpods Pro Used ANC Wireless EarbudsBlack Airpods Pro Used ANC Wireles EarbudsBlack Airpods Pro Used ANC Wireles EarbudsBlack Airpods Pro Used Wireless Earbuds  BoxBlack Airpods Pro Used ANC Earbuds BoxBlack Airpods Pro Used ANC Earbuds Box

Black Airpods Pro Used 3AB with Black Box

Powerd by Top Ranking ANC Chip Airoha 1562A

Best Effective ANC, $49USD, Airoha 1562A Chip, Black ANC Wireless Earbuds Pro 3AB

What Colour are They?

You can get a New Black Airpods Pro TWS With Black Box

Black Airpods Pro Used 3AB Key features:

  1. Real Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

  2. Hybrid ANC (Dual ANC Microphone)

  3. The Newest Airoha 1562A chipset

  4. Support Hey siri (Wireless Earbuds Can remote control phone)

  5. True Transparency Mode

  6. Accurate Battery

  7. Spatial Audio (only display)

Black Airpods Pro Used ANC Wireless Earbuds
Black Airpods Pro Used Two Wireless Earbuds
Black Airpods Pro Used Wireles Earbuds  Box

Black Airpods Pro Used 3AB Others features:

  1. Name Change GPS Positioning

  2. Support a variety of wireless charging

  3. In-ear Detection Smart Sensor

  4. Support pop-up window(IOS)

  5. Upgrade the Bluetooth 5.0 chip, the performance is improved, 12 meters is not stuck & continuous

  6. Left and right ears/single ears can be switched at will, breaking through the main rules of TWS Headphones , so that each Earphones can be used separately, and two earphones can be connected to different mobile phones at the same time

  7. Squeeze sensor

  8. Call to listen to songs for 3+ hours, long battery life

  9. Out of the box automatic boot / automatic pairing

  10. Perfectly compatible with IOS/Android and all mobile phones

  11. Real Steel Vents

  12. Reverse Magnet Lid

  13. φ14.3 High Quality Speaker

  14. HIFI Stereo Super Sound Quality

Black Airpods Pro Used Earbuds Black Box


1. Is Black Airpods Pro Used 3AB the sound quality good?

Many customers who bought our headsets reported that the sound quality is very good. Among the Bluetooth Headphones at this price, the materials and workmanship of our shop are much higher than those of other brands, and the sound quality is not worse than other Bluetooth Headphones. The 14.2mm titanium membrane speaker and ACC decoded audio can completely achieve clear calls and transparent sound quality.

2. Is the Black Airpods Pro Used 3AB appearance and workmanship good?

The factory we cooperate with uses 3D scanning technology, opens the mold by ourselves, and constantly adjusts the details of the workmanship. The overall appearance of the shell currently in use is worthy of recognition, and it is also among the best in the entire market.

3. Can the Black Airpods Pro Used 3AB price be discounted?

When this shop is directly connected to the factory, it can be counted as a first-hand supplier, so the price is mainly adjusted by the fluctuation of the chip. The current price is the lowest price calculated based on the after-sales cost of the labor cost. ! If you think it's expensive, you can go to another place to see it. When we hope to sell good products and provide good pre-sales and after-sales services, instead of doing a one-time sale!

4. Can Android phones be used Black Airpods Pro Used 3AB?

After actual testing, the compatibility of the new version of the Airoha 1562A series chip is more stable than the previous generation chip, ensuring the stability of use on the Android system. the same stable experience as IOS users. Some functions need to be implemented with third-party software. This price can achieve so many functions. The price/performance ratio is still very exciting and highly recommended.

5. Is it Black Airpods Pro Used 3AB light-sensitive? Is it pressure-sensitive for the third generation?

The second and third generations Earbuds use infrared light-sensing components, which are really light perception. The second-generation uses the same tap touch as the original factory, and the third generation uses the same pressure-sensitive touch as the original machine, which can realize pinch control!

6. How long is the Black Airpods Pro Used 3AB battery life? Will the battery jump?

Regarding battery life, the headset needs to achieve so many functions, so the chip takes up a lot of space. These functions will consume power. The implementation of hardware functions will occupy the space inside the headset, so the battery can only be compressed to make more space. Our earphones all use 100 million cobalt batteries, so the battery life will be improved. The second-generation 1562M can reach 5 hours+ for listening to songs, and the third-generation Airoha 1562M can reach 4 hours+.

Three-generation Airoha 1562A 2.3-3 hours (Note: Because the dual-mic hybrid noise reduction is implemented, the hardware takes up too much space, so the battery can only be compressed to make more space)

Regarding the question of whether the earphones will skip power, there is no messy power now, but the common problem of electronic products is that the battery display is not accurate after a long time of use.

7. Can I call Black Airpods Pro Used 3AB an intelligent voice assistant ?

Yes, the new chip supports the activation of voice assistants, as well as many functions such as wireless charging and rename positioning.

8. Is it true noise reduction Black Airpods Pro Used 3AB? Or does it indicate that the display page has no actual function?

Black Airpods Pro Used 3AB is noise reduction. The third-generation Airoha 1562A is a headset that truly realizes Active Noise Cancellation. It supports transparency and noise reduction switching.

9. Which Black Airpods Pro Used 3AB is more stable? Is the stability of the third and second generation the same?

Now the three headphones have been on the market for a while. According to user feedback, the third-generation chips are also very stable, but this problem must be investigated. According to market feedback, the second-generations Airoha 1562M the most stable version of all headphones. ! However, the factory is constantly optimizing, and the second and third generations have gradually narrowed the gap, and everyone buys them on demand.

10.How to Wireless Earbuds Promatch/pairing for the first time:

Open the phone bluetooth,press the charging box button 3 seconds,search it by phone and pairing

11.The Black Airpods Pro Used 3AB package is Neutral, NO logo.